• Co-Sponsored and passed legislation to Fast track economic stimulus for small business. This bill encourages the investment of capital, reward innovation, create jobs, and transform communities.
  • Sponsored and passed legislation that encourages innovation and job growth in Florida by strengthening small business.

  • Sponsored and passed legislation which will provide greater access to dental care in rural communities. The bill will also eliminate monopolies created by insurance companies that restrict access. This bill actually increases access and lowers costs.
  • Sponsored and Passed legislation that reorganizes the State Department of Health to make sure that our resources are focused to those who need it most and not on Government red tape.

  • Co-Sponsored and passed legislation that will work to criminalize Human Smuggling at the state level in order to stem the flow of illegal immigration and human slavery.

Less Government
  • Sponsored and passed legislation that streamlines and creates greater efficiency and less government within the Agency for Healthcare Administration.
  • Sponsored and passed legislation that saved the Agency for Healthcare Administration a million dollars and businesses that interact with the Agency 6 million dollars by reducing red tape adding efficiency and therefore lowering the cost of care.

  • Co-Sponsored and passed legislation that expands the opportunities for children from low income families to be able to choose better schools through the Corporate Income tax credit scholarship program.
  • Sponsored and passed legislation that creates mandatory civics education in our middle schools so that our children will be exposed to the three branches of government and our civics process.

Property Taxes
  • Sponsored and passed legislation to provide property owners with good consumer information on their TRIM (property tax) notice. Tax payers should know what they are paying and for what services.
  • Sponsored and passed legislation that provides for State government to finally spend money like the citizens do every day by using a cost benefit analysis for spending decisions.